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*Please note due to the Coronavirus, currently only our outdoor floodlit clay and Tarmacadan courts are open. 

This will be reviewed as medical advice changes. 

Re-opening of Outside Tennis Courts from Wednesday 13 May

Dear Members,

Following our email to you yesterday, we have now received the guidance from the LTA which was published this afternoon and is attached.

We set out below the guidance and rules for booking outdoor courts for play at the Club from 11am tomorrow (Wednesday).

1. There will be 5 outdoor courts available to book online in advance. (Clay Courts C1, C2 & C3 and Tarmacadum Courts T1 and T2).

2. All courts to be used for play, must be booked in advance.

3. Current Members and Members from last year only. No Visitors are permitted for the moment. (This rule will be reviewed in the near future).

4. SINGLES ONLY unless there are 3 or 4 members from the same household, who can play Threesomes/Doubles.

5. All names of those playing on the court must be entered on to the MyCourts booking sheets for the court.

6. Maximum playing time for Members is a single one hour slot each day. (This rule to reviewed in the near future, following assessment of demand for courts). However, Members may continue their play on the court if they are not knocked-off by another booking at the end of their hour.

7. Chairs and benches will be removed from the courts - please do not re-take them on to the courts and take everything with you (balls, cans, water bottles, etc) when you leave the court.

8. On the clay courts, players must stop play at least 5 minutes before the end of their time slot and properly brush the court ready for the next group of players. (Please take a glove or towel to hold the court-sweeper).

9. Players on court MUST leave the court enclosure in good time just before the end of their time-slot and BEFORE the players next booked on the court, enter the court area.

10. By the same token, players waiting to play must wait for the players on the court to leave the court area before entering the court area themselves (while remembering to maintain Social Distancing).

11. The Clubhouse, changing and toilet facilities will be locked and UNAVAILABLE for use. (This policy is being reviewed and access will be allowed once the necessary arrangements for safe access, etc have been made).

12. VERY IMPORTANT: All Members booking to play should read the LTA guidance notes which are attached and should strictly follow and adhered to the guidance set out.

13. Please arrive at the Club ready to play and if possible, park your car one space away from the next car and remember to Social Distance at all times. Please leave the Club very shortly after you have finished playing.

14. There will be no individual coaching lessons just yet but we are in discussions with the coaches about arrangements for individual (one-on-one) lessons which will be permitted - and will advise further on this in the near future.

15. Up until 5pm on weekdays, there are no court booking fees. This policy will be reviewed over the coming days. Will our groundsman has been able to re-set the clay-court floodlights to automatically switch-on at 8pm (dusk) and switch off at 9.30pm (end of play).

16. We are looking into making arrangements for booking the mini-courts and will advise on this in the near future.

Welcome back to tennis! As you will have read above, there are important rules to be followed an there are still quite a number of things to worked out and introduced but we hope that many of you will be able to enjoy restarting some tennis over the next few days. We will be in touch again soon with further updates.


The Management Committee



Our six main coaches will each be permitted to coach for two hours per day. This may be increased going forward, depending upon how things work out? Only one-on-one lessons are currently allowed.

If you normally play doubles, you might fancy an individual work out with a coach who will hopefully, hit the ball vaguely near you - so that you can practice your strokes?

Coaches with whom to book lessons (don’t delay to avoid disappointment):



07939 575679







07875 556789



07976 933 810

07930 945229

We hope that you will continue to enjoy your tennis.