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Java Tutorial


Java was developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems. It is a high-level language.

Java is called as an Object-Oriented Programming language.


Features :

Simple – Java is a simple programming language as there is no use of pointer in it. The garbage collection is done in java is done by JVM (Garbage Collector Thread).

Object Oriented – Java is an Object-Oriented Programming language, in java everything is an Object.

Platform independent – The byte code generated after compiling the java code is platform independent.

Secure – Java is very secure language it enables authentication techniques based on public-key encryption.

Basic Object-Oriented Programming Concepts

According to homework answers websites there are some basic concepts of object oriented programming as follows:

Data Abstraction – Data Abstraction hides the background details or explanations representing only the important information. It completely ignores the low level implementation from the user and represents only the essential features.

Data Encapsulation - Data Encapsulation means to wrap the data and method into a single unit. Therefore the data is not accessible to the functions outside the class. The functions of the same class can access the data and hence it ensures security.

Inheritance – according to computer science homework help service inheritance is a mechanism of extending the functionality from one class to other. It maintains hierarchical classification in which a class inherits from its parents. The important feature of code reusability is provided by Inheritance. It basically allows object building from one another.

Polymorphism – It is an ability to take more than one forms depending upon the data type used in the program (Poly means ―many and morph means ―form).

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