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Tennis & Coaching

ELTC is a club that facilitates competitive and social play, and provides coaching opportunities.

Tennis at the Club is structured in a way that allows opportunities for all membership types, ages and abilities to book and play on our fantastic facilities.

The Wednesday social evening is a big part of the club.  We have a number of junior and adult teams, team training, internal tournaments and winter singles leagues, as well as a passionate coaching team who deliver the ELTC Coaching Programme.


There are a variety of coaching opportunities at ELTC.  We cater to the community and aim to provide opportunities for the whole membership demand from beginner to advanced team players. A discounted coaching membership is available to those who only wish to play while having a coaching session individually or as part of a group.

We have ‘regular (senior) coaches’ who are present at The Club daily.

There are a number of ‘hitting (junior) coaches’ who assist in group coaching programmes and provide one-on-one sessions.

We also have a number of ‘visiting coaches’ who work with a limited number of our junior players on an ad-hoc basis.

All coaches are LTA accredited - with the relevant qualifications, insurance cover, checks and training.

The coaching team is passionate, experienced and driven to deliver a coaching programme for the membership.



The Club is heavily supportive of junior tennis, providing courts for after-school and weekend coaching as well as eight weeks of camps and many junior teams!




The ELTC Junior Coaching Programme is led by head of coaching development George Matheou.

The programme is recognised by Middlesex Tennis as a performance supported centre.

And takes place in the indoor dome courts.

Please come down to see the programme in action and speak to George:

  • Monday – Friday 16:00 – 19:00

  • Saturday 08:00 – 11:00




George runs eight holiday camps over the year.  These camps are from 10am until 3pm Monday to Friday, with a tennis focus and multi-sport element.

George puts out a number of ELTC teams in the summer.




All juniors taking part in coaching at the club has to become a member of ELTC:

  • They could join as a ‘coaching only’ member – the coach will collect the subscription and provide details to the club.

  • Or they could join as a regular junior member.

  • Speak to Mike Derome, membership secretary:

  • There is a free regular junior membership for juniors if one parent is a full or midweek member.



For adults, you can join group sessions for intermediate and beginners on a Sunday. If you want to combine tennis drills and fitness exercises join Gham for Cardio Tennis on either Monday, Wednesday evenings or Saturday morning. Or you could form your own small group with Gham.


Individual coaching is available for all members who wish to work on some specific areas of their game. Please arrange directly with the coaches,

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