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est 1882

Ealing Lawn Tennis Club's history is almost the length of tennis as a sport(1873).   

Founded in 1882 as "Ealing Lawn Tennis & Archery Club" and originally sited in St. Leonards Road, West Ealing. The ground was shared between the archery and tennis members. On one memorable occasion, in a not very sporting vein, the latter, annoyed by the archers' disproportionate allocation of space, knocked down all the targets and drove those poor unfortunates out for good. And so, in 1903 Archery disappeared from the title, the former members having to loose their arrows elsewhere. The first Club Gentlemen's Singles and Ladies Singles Championship was held in 1884, whilst records for the Gentlemen's Singles Championship only go back to 1914. The club moved to its present site, off Creffield Road W5, in 1906.

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