We offer competitive tiered pricing that allows for the club to have a range of memberships to suit different needs. You can become a member at any point in the year, on a pro-rata basis.


To join, please complete an Enquiry Form

below and our Membership Secretary will respond to process the membership

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With the Club at maximum capacity, we have paused new membership entries and are operating a waiting list.

Please submit an Application Form to join the waiting list, and we will be in touch.

We are still permitting Adult and Junior Coaching Only membership should you wish to only receive coaching.


We have a range of excellent tennis and social facilities including indoor, grass, artificial clay, hard and mini courts. We have a range of membership categories to suit your needs, you can take our 'find your membership category' questionnaire here.

Midweek Membership

You are able to play at the club at any time on weekdays. All your children under the age of 26 are able to join as members free of charge.

Midweek Day Membership

Midweek Day members are able to book courts at the club between 10:00-16:00 on weekdays.

Coaching Only Memberships

Coaching Only Members are able to play at the club only when you are receiving a coaching lesson from one of our certified club coaches. You can find their contact details here. You may wish to start as a coaching only member to work on your tennis before upgrading to a full member to start to join the other opportunities we have at the club such as our Wednesday evening social.

Junior's Membership

Juniors are able to play Monday-Friday until 19:00 and Saturday-Sunday until 12:00, as well as on the Junior Coaching Programme. Note Juniors under 11 require a parent/guardian to join as a regular member or parent/guardian member.

Full Membership

You have full access to the club, you can enter tournaments, play team matches book at any time and enjoy all the club has to offer. All your children under the age of 26 are able to join as members free of charge.

Parent Guardian Membership

Parent guardian members are able to play at the club Monday-Friday until 18:00 and Saturday-Sunday until 11:00. You may only play at the club while playing with your child who must be a full junior member.

Joining a new club can be a big decision, we understand that which is why we guarantee that if you join and at any point in your first year, for whatever reason you decide to leave the club we will refund your pro-rata subscription in full! 

As well as a place to book courts and play, there are a number of coaching and organised tennis opportunities throughout the week, whether you are a beginner or an advanced team player. As well as social events. See the 'members map' for various opportunities at the Club based on your playing level.

For new adult members, Wednesday evening is a good place to start. Janice runs a social evening from 6pm in which you can turn up and be paired in a doubles where you will have the opportunity to meet other members. If you are not quite comfortable to join in, we have beginner coaching opportunities with HC Tennis on Sunday morning or you could contact one of our coaches for individual lessons. Unfortunately whilst there is a waiting list we can't let non-members join in as we normally do, but you are welcome to come down to the Club, see it in action and speak to the organiser Janice, the Club Manager James or any other members.

Upon joining you will receive a welcome email and your login details to start booking courts on our MyCourts booking system.

  • The annual subscription does not include any court fees as some courts are chargeable throughout the winter to cover costs.

  • Coaching fees are on top of any subscription and are paid directly to the coaches.

  • Members can brings guests to the Club by paying a guest fee on the booking system.

  • Court Usage rules and details on all seven restricted categories can be found here.

See our Membership Categories and fees,

which are due in April or throughout the year on a pro-rata basis

To start the process to join, please complete an Application Form

and our Membership Secretary will respond

It may be useful to see our 'new members' page before submitting a form

Membership FAQ's

Once a Member, do I Have to Pay For Courts?

Paying for court bookings is split, between the summer at winter.
In the summer all courts are free at all times.
In the winter this is slightly different, the dome courts have a small charge at all times and the clay courts have a small charge only when the floodlights are on in the evening.
The charge for the dome and clay range from around £3-6/ hour.
In our experience, an average member will play for free on a court about 80% of the time and 20% of the time they will have the small charge.

What Membership is Right For Me

There are several membership categories at the club, to help you find the best category for your needs, please use our 'Find Your Membership Cateogry' tool on the club website

How Do I Join

Joining the club is a simple process, fill out our short Membership Application form and our Membership Secretary will contact you with further details. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have at the end of your application if there is anything further you would like to know.

What if I Join and Find The Club Isn't For Me

We endeavour to ensure that each new member who joins the club is able to make good use of the facilities and get involved in the club's friendly atmosphere! We understand that your circumstances may change or the club might not be right for you. In this case, the club's policy is that if anytime in the first year you find a club does not suit you we will refund the proportional amount of membership together with your joining fee.

How do I Book Courts

All courts at the club are bookable from midday, 7 days in advance. Once you join as a member you will be sent login details to your court booking system MyCourts. The court booking process is very easy and you will also be sent instructions on how to book courts should you require these.

As a Member Can I Play with a Guest?

Yes, you may play with a guest up to 3 times at the club before they would have to join as a member. Guest Fee Process: When you book a court simply select 'Guest' as you opponent and your balance will automatically be debited: Adults: £2.50 * Juniors £1.50 * *per guest/ 30 minute booking slot

Once a member, how can I get involved more?

We have a number of playing opportunities at the club for members of all levels from beginner coaching sessions, to organised mix-ins, internal competitions, external team matches and many opportunities to just book and play with other members. You can read more about these here As a new member the Wednesday night social is a great place to start and guarantee a game with established members.

Does the Club Provide Coaching?

We have a passionate and experienced coaching team at the club and a weekly schedule of organised tennis and coaching opportunities. The coaches manage their own availability and payments so once a member, feel free to get in touch and book a slot directly. Please note there are restrictions on when coaches can book to ensure we spread the opportunities for regular playing members to book and play. There are also adult group coaching sessions on the weekend and the very popular Cardio Tennis on Monday & Wednesday evening and Saturday morning. We have a very successful Junior Coaching Programme which runs Monday-Friday after school and weekend mornings.

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