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ELTC has a wealth of the highest quality playing surfaces with 15 full-size courts, 2 mini-courts and a practice wall. We have 4 different playing surfaces so you will be able to test your game on different surfaces and adapting your style accordingly. The indoor courts and floodlit clay courts allow you to play tennis at a time that is convenient for you.



Boasting 6 grass courts Our courts are maintained by our expert groundsman Will Leach and his team.

Developments on maintenance and improvements of these courts are always something we pride ourselves in to provide the ultimate grass courts experience in west London.

In 2017 we invested over £50,000 into these courts. Overseen by Queen's ex groundsman, we have installed an irrigation system and laser levelled the surface to create a perfectly flat surface. Coupled with specially modified grass seed from Queen's club, we have some of the best grass courts money can buy. 


Our grass courts provide what may now be considered a unique playing experience due to most clubs now opting for all-weather only facilities. At ELTC we have managed to keep our lawn tennis roots whilst providing ample other court surfaces for our members. The atmosphere generated during the spring, summer and autumn months when grass courts are in use is something you will really enjoy and look forward to year after year.

These courts are used for our club tournament which (weather permitting) is a Lawn Tennis Tournament with the finals held in mid-July.

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Clay courts


ELTC's 3 outdoor artificial clay courts have proven incredibly successful, with many players saying this is their preferred surface now. Due to the advanced drainage these courts provide, they play fantastically well all year.

The Installation of floodlights on these courts was another major success meaning members can play until 21:30. This has resulted in significantly reduced demands on court usage.

Indoor courts
Dome Courts.jpg


ELTC's 3 indoor dome courts allow play all year round, at any time, with any weather.

These courts allow us to run a winter singles league.

These courts prove very popular in the winter so you can book these courts for a one-off session or sign up to the Weekly Dome block bookings that run in the winter months. 

Hard courts


The club has three tarmacadam courts that are well used by members

Junior Courts


The 2 Junior courts have been installed to give juniors dedicated playing space to practise. 

These courts can also be used for junior matches or a warm-up before team matches.

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