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* ELTC Finals Day 2023 *
22nd July


We host many tournaments throughout the year for players of all abilities. Our Open Finals Day is always very popular with members and people from the local community coming to watch some of the highest quality tennis as well as enjoying other services laid on by the club and its members. Our open tournament starts in May with finals being played in July. This is traditionally a grass-court tournament (weather permitting) so you get to watch some great matches throughout this period as well as being part of the tournaments. There are also many other events within the open tournament such as Handicapped tournaments which allow people of varying abilities to compete against each other for a chance to play on finals day. This has proven very popular with all members over the years.

In addition to the Summer Tournament and the Winter Singles Leagues, the Club hosts Bank Holiday mix-ins.

Information on registrations is communicated before the event by email to members.


Ealing Lawn Tennis Club hosts winter Box Leagues. This is an excellent way to ensure that you get to play some competitive tennis throughout the winter months as well as a fantastic way to meet other members. Our Box League is in high demand year after year. Standards do vary so you should naturally find a box so suit you and help push you on to the next level.

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The Summer Match Play Challenge is a new introduction that has provided very successful!

A Simple format where you can challenge player 3 above or below your position to a best of 11 games match with the aim of climbing the ladder and being promoted! 

It is a great way to make sure you are playing lots as if challenged you must accept, which is really good in ensuring you organise games consistently over the summer. 


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