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The Millennium onwards

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

The club launched its own website in March 2001. In 2019 volunteers created a new website including all the latest features like joining online.

In 2002, the club purchased the small plot of land adjacent to its property at the eastern extremity alongside Western Gardens. Some years previously one of the club's grass match courts had been sited here. The land was lost when the club gained its freehold in 1987. Work began on clearing the land in February 2003 and the new all-weather court was completed in June 2003.In 2003 a Development Sub-Committee was set up which quickly initiated a New Clubhouse Project. A new coaching team was also assembled in 2003 and the club's first systematic, junior development programme launched.From 2003 to 2012, the Ladies 1st Team won the Middlesex West Premier Division. Given that the club had dominated women's tennis in the UK over a hundred years ago, this recent resurgence in the quality of Ladies tennis at the club has a particular historical resonance.In 2005, the club's first ever Junior Performance Squad was created - with generous support from John Martin Estates.In 2007, our Men's 1st Team won the Middlesex West Premier Division for the first time in 20 years. In October 2007 our 1920s clubhouse was demolished, and the foundations of the new clubhouse laid in November and December.In November 2008 we opened our new clubhouse. The project was funded by member/ex-member donations and loans from Barclays Bank and the LTA.In summer 2009 the club became an elite LTA club being awarded both LTA Clubmark and Satellite Performance status.In August 2011 thanks to a generous grant from The Lottery via Sport England and the LTA the club replaced its 1989 air dome and lighting with a new dome and a new lighting system.2013 Installation of floodlights on three outdoors courts. This was a major success for the club having struggled over the years for permission to be granted. This has now significantly reduced demands put on court usage.2014 ELTC installed a 3 x Outdoor artificial Clay courts. This was a decision made by all members and has proven incredibly successful with many players saying this is their preferred surface now. Do to the advanced drainage these courts provide they play fantastically well all year.

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