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Ealing Summer Match Play

General Rules

- The Challenge ladder split into different boxes based on playing standard

- Organisers may set the first challenge

- In general, you can challenge players ranked up to 3 spots above or 3 spots below you for a match

- The challenge should be accepted within 3 days

- Once a challenge is accepted you have 10 days to play

- The only acceptable reason to deny a challenge is unavailability to play in the next 10 days

- If you win your match,
- And you are higher ranked. Both rankings are maintained
- And are lower ranked, you take your opponents ranking and they move down one spot.

- The organisers will freeze a ranking for any player who has to self isolate under government guidelines

- After 4 weeks, 2/3 players / pairs may be promoted and relegated. (Exceptions may be made)


- Entry is open to full/midweek adult members and junior members aged over 16

- Players will be able to issue 2 challenges at a time

- Each match is 11 games with a tiebreak to 7 at 5-5.


- Entry is open to full / midweek adult members and junior members aged over 16. Pairs may be male / female or mixed. If no partner we may be able to find you one.

- Pairs will be able to issue 1 challenge at a time to those within a number of adjacent places within the box

- Each match is 15 games with a tiebreak to 7 at 7-7.

If you have any questions please e-mail the organisers Here

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