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2014 August Bank Holiday Report

What a fantastic day. In contrast to the bright, sunny weekend, Bank Holiday Monday was cold, wet and very dismal. However that did not stop the enthusiasm of 12 dedicated tennis players from entering the tournament and playing some great matches. The standard of play was one of the highest for a number of years. Following Gham’s cardio session, the dome was ‘taken over’ for the tournament in which six pairs played each other in round robin matches using a sliding handicap, resulting in very close matches, with the two winning pairs battling out the final. The final consisted of one full set without a handicap with Anthony Jones and Gitte O’Toole proving to be too strong for John Smith and Cheryl Harris, winning 6-3.

The atmosphere was full of shrieks (from the ladies) and groans/curses (from the men) interspersed with plenty of laughter.

Many thanks go to Linda Shaw for producing a very tasty and desperately needed lunch at 3.30, just before the final.

Congratulations to Gitte for her stamina. Having spent an hour at cardio, she still had the energy to enter the tournament and play tennis all afternoon. During the lunch break Gitte also opened the bar so members could quench their thirst with something a little stronger than water!

Thanks should also go to all those who entered and made it such an enjoyable day.

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