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2015 August Bank Holiday Tournament

The inclement weather did not deter 5 enthusiastic pairs who nestled in the dome for the bank holiday afternoon.  The sliding handicap format meant that everyone had a good chance of getting on the scoreboard in each of the 7-game rounds. 

In the semi-finals Janice Coulthard and David Autz put up a good flight, but Amy Tsao and Alex Pilotti managed to win.  Cheryl Harris and Andy Croft were pipped by John Smith and Rita Payne.  

The final was toughly contested with excellent tactics from Rita and a determined display from John, but the power and consistency of the opposition was too strong.   Amy and Alex lifted the trophy with a 6-3 scoreline and a good day was had by all. 

Many thanks go to Nandos for providing vouchers for the winners.

Cheryl Harris 04-09-2015

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