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2018 May Bank Holiday Report

Another year and another Spring Bank Holiday Tournament.

With the forecast predicting storms and heavy showers, a small group of enthusiastic tennis players gathered to form two groups for round robin matches.

The day was brilliant, in more ways than one – the sun shone all day and excellent, competitive matches were held, resulting mainly in 4-3 scores, once everyone had got their heads around the sliding handicap scoring system!!

The top two couples in each group with the highest scores went forward to play the semi-finals, again using the sliding handicap. Jenny and Paolo beat Janice and Anthony 4-3, with Mai and Terry beating Linda and Matteo also 4-3.

The final consisted of one full set, with no handicaps involved (to the players’ relief). Another tough battle ensued with excellent tennis and the occasional miss-hits. The result – Jenny and Paolo stormed through and won 6.3. Congratulations to them both and commiserations to Mai and Terry.

Many thanks go to Linda and Richard for providing lunch to replenish the energy used by everyone on court, much appreciated by all.

A fun day with plenty of laughter and cursing (surely not!) enjoyed by all those taking part.

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